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We have one goal: Help our clients grow their business.  Every win for our clients is a win for us. Read some of their success stories:

Avendra’s human resources department needed to learn how to use social media tools in their recruiting efforts, so they turned to Holley Creative. We trained Avendra recruiters on how to use social media tools to reach out to prospective employees, and develop strong relationships.Working with the human resources team, we familiarized them with the many social media tools available, and then built a Talent Community Site, which serves as a hub for engaging with job applicants, current employees and alumni.Avendra’s multi-disciplinary team comprised of representatives from marketing, human resources and legal was tasked to create a social media policy that could be easily interpreted, and followed, by employees. Holley Creative led this team to establish these guidelines.


Avendra recruiters learned new skills and immediately used them through the Talent Community Site to connect with highly qualified, and valuable, applicants. This saved time and money for the company, and showed applicants that Avendra was comfortable with engaging on the social web.The project also educated other Avendra associates about social media and they used this new talent to connect with vendors, suppliers and partners. Bolstering their relationships added strength to their business affairs.The upper management acceptance of the social media plan, and how it could be implemented company wide, was a direct result of the plan we envisioned and executed.

Salon Voices
A vivacious startup brand, Salon Voices hired Holley Creative to lead them through the entire life cycle of social media – from the strategy to the actual implementation.We began with intense research of the brand’s target audience and measured how they used social technologies. Then we matched this information with the brand’s business model, organizational goals and current capabilities with technology that included web, mobile and traditional media.Once this information had been compiled and interpreted, Holley Creative began to create social media marketing and Web 2.0 content distribution strategies.
Our work included:

  • Launching a Facebook page
  • Creating a blog
  • Building a presence on LinkedIn
  • Establishing two Twitter accounts to reach target audiences


A month after the implementation of our strategies, Salon Voices gained strength in search engine rankings which made them more visible and attracted traffic to their site.

This initial success has continued and created a community of homegrown evangelists around their brand, products and services.

Salon Voices’ social media presence has discovered vertical markets that have helped to create additional revenue generating opportunities.

Currently, the businesses’ social media presence adds prospects which are funneled into leads who are then converted into measurable sales.

Land Trust Alliance (the Alliance)
Land Trust Alliance hired Holley Creative to develop a social media plan to galvanize support for their annual conference. Our mission was to increase attendance among past conference attendees and turn comtemplaters into first-time conference goers.By building a blog, performing custom upgrades to an existing Facebook fan page and establishing a presence on Twitter, we helped the Alliance create conversations across several social technologies to connect returning conference attendees with prospective newcomers.A Facebook Connect application was also built for conference registrants to share their attendance with their Facebook friends.


Not only did the Alliance reach their desired attendance levels, their Facebook page fanship more than doubled, and they established over 100 new meaningful connections on Twitter. In addition, the interactive and collaborative social platforms added a significant measure of value to the entire membership. This has strengthened the Alliance’s ability to further champion the efforts of local communities and constituents.

Porterhouse Designs
Porterhouse Designs, an interior decorating firm, approached Holley Creative about using social media to increase brand awareness and market a new e-decorating service. We offered consultation on business blogging and content marketing. We also helped the client launch a self-hosted WordPress blog.


As a direct result of launching a blog, the client has received several press mentions and has been featured in the Washington Post, House Calls, House Beautiful, Blog Watch and Apartment Therapy. Her blog has become extremely popular and receives approximately 500 visitors per day. Most recently she was selected to be a lifestyle spokesperson for the national brand Sherwin-Williams.

Going Gray Blog
Sometimes success is an accident, as was the case with the author of a blog who noticed a spike in traffic after posting about the topic “going gray”. Deciding to further the discussion on this popular issue, Holley Creative was hired to facilitate and expand on the conversation women were having about “going gray.”Our solution was to create and design a niche blog that targeted a growing demographic and then connected them via blog posts and comment forums.Once the blog was running at full speed, Holley Creative turned its attention to content marketing strategy that included the creation and publication of an eBook entitled “Color Me Gray.”This publication collected the story of 24 women from all walks of life and related their experiences with defying society’s definition of beauty.


Since its launch in 2008 Going Gray Blog has been a phenomenal success.  The site currently racks up an average of 700-1000 page views per day or 28,0000 per month.The blog has excellent organic search engine rankings for keywords such as “gray hair”, where it consistently ranks in the top 5 search results on Google.

The blog enjoys global readership with visitors coming from 98 countries and receives press mentions from news outlets such as the Huffington Post, Wallet Pop and the CBS Evening News.

Balancing the web presence, Going Gray features a hyper-active Facebook page and Twitter presence.

The “Color Me Gray” eBook debuted in 2011 and continues to serve as a source of passive income while channeling new visitors and readers to the blog.

Prosperity Acres
Prosperity Acres,a family-owned business that sells organic beef and goat meat, contacted Holley Creative about using social media to connect with buyers in Southern Maryland and the surrounding area. To assist Prosperity Acres, we built a WordPress blog to serve as their sole online presence. We also helped connect their blog to Facebook and Twitter.


Just three weeks after the launch of their blog, Prosperity Acres sold out of meat for the entire season. Customer testimonials began pouring in on Facebook and the blog. Prospects and customers have been very impressed with new site and enjoy the interaction they now have with the owners. The success of our plan left Prosperity Acres asking – where’s the beef?

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We have also had the pleasure of working with these other businesses:

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Rebirth International Salon Voices Strokes and Slants
The Talented Tenth Connection Theresa Royal
Thumbs Up Party Planning Total Assisted Living Home
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Washington Writing Group  Imagine Me Fitness
What our clients are saying…

"Holley Creative has helped me to frame a comprehensive perspective about the shifting marketing landscape and illuminated ways in which businesses are successfully leveraging emerging technology to build relationships with prospects, customer and constituents. They also created a cohesive and easy-to-manage social marketing platform for my business that is seamlessly integrated with several technologies"

- C. Bell

"Holley Creative's forward-thinking and customer-oriented approach saves their clients time and money, allowing them to focus on delivering and distributing content for maximum impact and ROI.”

- J. Lubin

“Terri has done a brilliant job bringing my work into the 21st century. She has designed a social networking strategy that has already had a profound impact on helping me to become exponential in my work and efforts as an organizational health coach and consultant. She has a vast wealth of knowledge when it comes to using virtual venues to increase reach and impact. It is always a joy to work with someone with such high integrity, resourcefulness and creativity."

- S.Haley

“Terri Holley is definitely an asset to any growing company that understands the value of marketing. Ms Holley's passion for helping business owners expand their reach and increase their bottom line is evident in everything she does.”

- T. Lymon